blue river Media Cabinet

Low cabinet with two storage drawers and two cupboards for Sky boxes, DVD players etc.

£7,800.00 plus delivery

120cm wide x 40cm deep x 50cm high

Fumed English oak, hand-dyed sycamore veneer

Blue River builds on the pixelization process from previous works but takes it to a new level.  By ‘splitting and slipping’ the columns of coloured squares, new and unique patterns are created that add a random element to the work.  Blocks of colour flow across the surface creating peaks and troughs as though one is looking down a valley of colour and, fascinatingly, the lines of coloured blocks are not veneered onto a flat plane but rather on an undulating surface made from many layers of wood veneer.  This has the effect of casting light and shaded areas onto the pattern giving it greater depth and movement within the work.