Games boxes

A limited addition of five beautiful games boxes, each one unique and made from different materials, woods and veneers.

The boxes feature a chess board on the outside top surface and open to reveal a backgammon board inside. At each end of the backgammon board is a storage box to hold the counters and dice for backgammon as well as additional space for cards, bridge sheets and/or chess pieces (not included). The storage box lids are veneered in either a starburst pattern or using decorative burr veneers and held in place by hidden rare-earth magnets.

Each box has been expertly made by Kevin Stamper and represents the highest levels of craftmanship and design - take the opportunity to invest in an heirloom piece that will give pleasure down through the generations direct from the maker himself.

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Dimensions - 80cm wide x 80cm deep x 10cm high

Price - £1600.00 plus delivery and packing.