Artist Kevin Stamper Selected for Prestigious Artrooms Fair Roma

                       The Church Palace Hotel, Rome

                      The Church Palace Hotel, Rome

Kevin Stamper has been selected from international submissions to exhibit at the inaugural Italian edition of Artrooms Fair Roma.

Kevin stamper works in wood veneer and will be taking his artworks to the Artrooms Fair Roma and join the Rooms Section. The fair is held in the splendour of The Church Palace from 2 to 4 March 2018 and it sees independent artists from all over the world exhibit their work in over 50 hotel rooms that have been transformed by each individual artist showcasing their work, plus a Sculpture Park and a Video Art Section hold at the Auditorium Cinema Bachelet.

Artist Kevin Stamper quotes:

‘I am thrilled to have been selected for the Artrooms Fair Roma. This will be a chance to reach new audiences with my work and I am excited to be showing in a fair that has already exhibited artists from all over the globe. My work explores how wood veneers can be coerced and shaped, using the natural resistance of the material itself to develop surprising and unique forms. My latest work uses wood veneer to create wall-hanging images based on elemental themes and pixelated images. The process explores how form and shape can be combined with colour and the beautiful textural grain patterns of the wood itself to create a unified artwork’

Artrooms Fair founder Cristina Cellini Antonini quotes:

“We are delighted to have Artist Kevin Stamper taking part in our 2018 event. We have received over 500 applications for this first edition, meaning that the selection process was absolutely ferocious. Once again, we are very grateful to our Selection Committte and wish a great success to all selected artists!”

Founded and directed by Cristina Cellini Antonini with co-founder Francesco Fanelli, the Artrooms Fair (London and Roma) has become the leading fair for independent artists, providing free exhibition spaces to the most talented artists worldwide. The fair is redefining the art world by innovating the way artists, galleries and collectors meet.  

 Artrooms is the first international contemporary art fair offering free exhibition space to independent artists.  The fair is redefining the art world by innovating the way artists, buyers and collectors meet.  Cristina Cellini Antonini (Co Founder / Director) commented: “We’ve watched Artrooms grow since its launch in 2015 and we’re very proud of the platform we have created that allows independent artists the opportunity to network with some of the world’s leading collectors, curators and galleries” The first Artrooms fair started at the Meliá White House Hotel in London in 2015, since then hundreds of artists from all over the world have benefited from a program of free exhibitions working alongside emerging and established curators, meeting private collectors and gaining visibility from a global audience. 

Flame 5 102x56x9cm Kevin Stamper.jpg