Bosham quay 

110cm wide x 110cm high x 2cm deep. Hand-dyed sycamore veneer mounted on a free veneered base.

Last March we visited Chichester and found ourselves in Bosham, wandering down to the quay.  It was a bleak, freezing cold day with leaden skies and a dark impenetrable sea lapping the quayside.  I really liked the atmosphere of the little town and decided to use the photograph on the right as the starting point for a new image panel.  I love the feeling of isolation the big sky brings to the picture, with just a touch of hope for something warmer in the tiny patch of blue. 

The image is made entirely of 3cm x 3cm squares of hand-dyed sycamore veneer - 1369 in total, and is mounted onto a 'free-veneered' base which gives it a dramatic and three-dimensional undulating surface.  110cm high x 110cm wide x 2cm deep.